Feature Interview (11:15) – Dr. George Delgado, Medical Director of Culture of Life Family Services, discusses his study on how doctors can save babies and give women a “second chance at choice” by reversing the effects of a chemical abortion with high dose progesterone.


Dr. Delgado’s Study on Abortion Pill Reversal: issuesinlawandmedicine.com/wp-content/…ticle-6.pdf

Also in this episode:

News (0:30) – Essure birth control gets restrictions from FDA after serious complications (www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/Prod…ntrol/ucm452254.htm)

Healthcare Tip (5:30) – Know Your Numbers: Tracking Your Health Changes to Prevent Disease
1. Blood Pressure
2. Good and Bad Cholesterol
3. Fasting Blood Glucose
4. Body Mass Index
5. Waist Size
6. Colonoscopy Results
7. Immunization Status
8. Medications List
9. Drug Allergies

For Women:
1. Mammogram Results
2. Colonoscopy Results
3. Bone Density Screening Results
4. Pap Smear Results

Medical Trivia (Answer at 42:30) – I have heard it frequently stated that it is harder to get into Veterinary School than Medical School. Is that true, or is it a myth?

Powerful Patient Stories (45:30) – Chris tells a story about how he got involved in trying to talk a young woman out of an abortion


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