Feature Interview (13:10) – pediatric orthopedic surgeon and author Dr. Joseph Dutkowsky discusses his book Perfectly Human and what he has learned from children with disabilities about what it means to suffer, to be human, and to be happy.

More from Dr. Dutkowsky: www.nycpdoc.com
NYC Ballet Video: youtu.be/wp6LeOIkUuQ

Also in this episode:

News (0:45) – “Older Americans are ‘Hooked’ on Vitamins” (nyti.ms/2q3PN8H)

Women’s Health Tip (6:25) – Recommended BRACA Screening for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk (www.hereditarycancerquiz.com/)

Medical Trivia (Answer at 40:20) – What percentage of American physicians currently belong to the American Medical Association (AMA)?

Listener Question (00:00) – What is the Catholic Church’s stance on circumcision? Are the amount of people choosing not to circumcise increasing? Are there any psychological or health reasons to circumcise?


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