News (00:50) – Who is doing reconstructive surgery for Medicare patients? ( and Impact of spray sunscreen popularity on sunscreen formulations (

Women’s Healthcare Tip (07:30) – Bone Density Testing

Guest Interview (13:20) – Dr. Kim Dernovsek, a dermatologist from Pueblo, CO shares her work as co-founder of Universal Chastity Education that works in three African Countries and the USA to prevent HIV/AIDS and promote chastity with astounding results.

Medical Trivia (Answer at 40:30) – With which of the following is ‘Bariatric Surgery’ concerned?
A. Treating people with ‘Beri-Beri’ due to Vitamin B1 insufficiency?
B. Treating SCUBA divers who ascended too quickly and have the bends
C. Treating non-healing wounds that will not heal with typical topical wound care procedures?
D. Treating obesity
E. Treating cancer of the appendix (no)

Listener Question (44:20) – Is gluten a legitimate concern or overblown? There are people suggesting we try it for behavior issues with our child. Could gluten, dairy, and/or sugar be the cause?



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