Medical News (00:50) – Updated guidelines for high blood pressure diagnosis and treatment, plus some lifestyle changes you can make to help you avoid HPB and its complications

Preventative Medicine Tip (8:20) – Skin Cancer Prevention (United States Preventative Screening Task Force

Guest Interview (12:35) – Dr. Louise Mitchell (Adjunct Professor at University of Mary) and Dr. John Travaline (Catholic deacon and critical care specialist at Temple University) to talk about their book “Catholic Witness in Health Care: Practicing Medicine in Truth and Love.” (

Medical Trivia (Answer at 38:45) – Hair, fingernails, toenails, the outer layer of the skin, and animal horns (but not antlers) are made of the same protein. Additionally, animal claws and hooves, as well as the baleen plates of whales are made of this protein. What is it?



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