In They That Hope (airing 7:06-7:46am ET), Fr. Bob and Dcn. Dave talk World Cup soccer, college football, their favorite beers, recent movies and plays they have seen, and begin their four-part series, “Why did the Word become flesh?”.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 7:51-7:59am ET), Nancy talks about the Immaculate Conception, the apparition and shrine at Lourdes, and music as a gift from God.

In Pilgrim Soul (airing 8:14-8:59am ET), join Sofia, Adrianna, and Giuli for a conversation about the cross.

In Poco a Poco (airing 9:03-9:59am ET), the Friars start talking about Advent. This episode is the first part of the series on Emmanuel: An Advent Devotional which talks about what Advent is all about. A reminder that God is pursuing us and that in our brokenness, He comes to be with us.

In Building Through Him (airing 10:05-11:00am ET), we hear Claire Dwyer’s talk about St. Elizabeth of the Trinity from the Kingdom Builders Conference in October 2022.

In This Whole Life (airing 11:03-11:53am ET), Pat and Kenna talk about how we can take a genuine look at our mental health in the context of faith.

In The Cordial Catholic (airing 11:59-1:00pm ET), Keith talks to Dr. Doug Beaumont about his own conversion and the how, why’s, and when’s of other Evangelical Christians and their conversions to Catholicism.