Have you ever thought about Eucharistic justice? Professor Daniel Philpott has. He is my guest on Church Life Today, where will talk about the biblical notion of justice, the work of reconciliation after violence and civil strife, restoring people torn apart by offenses and indignities to right relationship.

Daniel Philpott is Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. He earned his Ph.D. from Harvard University and specializes in religion and global politics, focusing on religious freedom, reconciliation, the political behavior of religious actors, and Christian political theology. Professor Philpott joins me for two episodes, with this being the first. In the second episode, we’ll talk about reconciliation in the Church after the sexual abuse crisis and the possibilities for Christians to promote a vision of reconciliation in the public square. If you’re listening on radio, the second part of our conversation will air next week, or if you’re listening on podcast, check out the next episode.
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