When you think about what’s important for fulfilling the mission of Catholic schools, do you think about the spiritual leadership of principals, administrators, and teachers? Dr. Erin Barisano does. As the superintendent of schools in the Diocese of Orange, the 10th largest diocese in the US, and the 2nd largest diocese in California, after Los Angeles). Dr. Barisano is of course paying attention to what every education leader has to pay attention to (enrollments, budgets, staffing and retention, and supervision. But for her, the spiritual leadership of catholic educators is one of the key distinctive elements of what makes Catholic education truly Catholic.

Dr. Barisano delivered a presentation on leadership and mission in Catholic education at the Called & Co-Responsible conference hosted by the McGrath Institute for Church Life. And today she joins me, Leonard DeLorenzo, to talk about her work, as well as Catholic education in her diocese and beyond.
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