We all know that we need better leadership in the church. Of course that means that those we already recognize as leaders must be formed for and embody the highest levels of integrity, honesty, accountability, humility, and charity. But better leadership also means discovering new models of leadership, more co-responsible models. Whereby the gifts and expertise of both laity and clergy, professionals and pastors, men and women are brought together in service of the church’s mission of evangelization. So what role does managerial and strategic expertise play in this development of church leadership? The church is not a business, but parishes and dioceses face strategic challenges that call for the expertise of business professionals in an increasingly complex world. My guest today is not only thinking about these dimensions of leadership in the church, she also bears responsibility for them in the third largest diocese in the United States. She is Betsy Bohlen, Chief Operating Officer for the Archdiocese of Chicago. She delivered a major presentation on leadership and strategic management at the Called & Co-Responsible conference, hosted by the McGrath Institute for Church Life. And today she joins me, Leonard DeLorenzo, to talk about her work, her archdiocese, and leadership in the church today.
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