Fr. Mike Schmitz seems to be somewhere and everywhere at the same time. The “somewhere” is the Diocese of Duluth, where he not only serves as the director of the office of youth ministry, but also as chaplain for Newman Catholic Campus Ministries at the University of Minnesota Duluth. But it feels like he’s “everywhere”, because he has become one of the most prominent and effective public evangelists in the Catholic Church in America. His short, catechetical videos pop up on YouTube and all over social media all the time. He’s ministering to young people both where he lives and where the rest of us live—that is to say, he seems to be preaching and ministering to people everywhere. Today, he’s here with me in the studio for a conversation about the faith lives of young people, the importance of family, and a lot more.

Thanks for joining me, Leonard DeLorenzo, and Fr. Mike Schmitz here on Church Life Today.
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