If you could build a Catholic school from the ground up, what would you do? What would you emphasize? What would you leave out? What kind of vision would you have for how you want your students to be formed and what kind of culture you foster?

I talk with someone today who had the opportunity to do something very much like that, when a couple years ago he took on the position of Headmaster at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School. He was brought in, in part, to help build an upper school that went through to 12th grade, and he was charged with the mission of nurturing a small, family focused Catholic school.

My guest is Thomas Curtin, joining us from his school community in Greenville, South Carolina. Prior to taking on his present role, Thomas was the principal of a well-regarded Catholic high school in the Atlanta area, and prior to that he served Catholic education as a teacher and in other administrative positions.

Our conversation today will touch on the ideals of a Catholic education and the challenges to pursuing those ideals in today’s educational climate. Thanks for joining me, Leonard DeLorenzo, for yet another episode of Church Life Today, a production of the McGrath Institute for Church Life.
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