Can we learn some profound things about the impact of technology on our world and our lives from a voice that spoke out 100 years ago? How could someone writing in the 1920s possibly glimpse what we’d be facing in our highly technological world of as we approach the 2020s? Well, it may seem unlikely, but it is indeed true that the Catholic Priest, theologian, early media and technology scholar Romano Guardini glimpsed well in advance where we were heading in the modern world.

My guest today is not Romano Guardini—he’s not available—but Robert Duncan, who is completing a documentary on Guardini’s “Letters from Lake Como”, that deal deeply with the questions of technology and culture. Robert Duncan is an award-winning multimedia journalist from the Rome Bureau of Catholic News Service. He was born and raised in North Carolina, he studied film, television, journalism and philosophy at New York University. He now resides in the countryside near Rome with his family.

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