Each year the McGrath Institute for Church Life hosts a lecture series that runs through Lent and Easter. Which invites people from everywhere to join in a communal reading of a spiritual work for the liturgical season. Two years ago, we focused on Donte’s Divine comedy, last year it was the book of Exodus, and this year it will be C.S. Lewis’ beloved children’s stories the Chronicles of Narnia.

As with Dante and the book of Exodus, the Chronicles of Narnia can become an occasion for making a spiritual journey through these seasons. Allowing your imagination, and really your kids’ imaginations, to move in a land where renunciation and trust, belief and bravery, hope and longing, are all prime themes surrounding characters that we come to know and love.

Practically speaking these books work well because if you begin reading the first book of the series in the week of Ash Wednesday, and read one book every two weeks, you’re going to finish the last book by Pentecost. So, it is really from Lent through Easter. This really is, therefore, an opportunity to journey through these liturgical seasons with these timeless classics.

The lecture series that the McGrath Institute is hosting will convene on four separate nights with two lectures each night. Each story in the series will receive its own lecture, plus an introductory lecture for the whole series. That first lecture will be delivered by today’s guest Professor David Fagerberg.

Professor Fagerberg teaches in the field of Liturgical studies at Notre Dame’s Theology Department, he is especially noted for his work in liturgical asceticism and mysticism. Among many popular courses he has taught on the collegiate level over the years, perhaps the most popular of all is his class on Transfiguration in the fiction of C.S. Lewis. His lecture on the upcoming series will address what Lewis hopes for us to find in Narnia.

McGrath Series on the Chronicles of Narnia – mcgrath.nd.edu/events/chronicles-of-narnia/
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