We welcome Chris White, national correspondent for Crux and The Tablet. In addition to his regular writing for those publications, Chris’ work has also appeared in places like the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, First Things and Forbes.

As someone who covers news and trends in the Catholic Church, especially here in the United States, there have been many hard and troubling things that have become the focus of Chris’ reporting. While it might seem inevitable for a reporter to continue to look at the darkest things in his coverage area, the articles that Chris publishes do show a wider verity. He has written recently on such topics as religious liberty in Australia, the 300 year Catholic history of New Orleans, and the importance of Art in the church.

Show host, Leonard DeLorenzo, says that because today’s conversation is going to focus on some of the more trying and troubling matters in the Church today, including Chris’ three-part series on the less than amicable resignation of the US Bishop of late last year.

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