In his 2018 World Communications address, Pope Francis spoke to the importance and dignity of journalism, and the now widespread much talked about the problem of fake news. Against that backdrop, the Holy Father recalled the promise of Jesus that the truth will set us free.

Wouldn’t we all like a little more truth in the world? Over our airwaves? And online? But, how do we find the truth that we seek?

That search must begin with prayer. And so Pope Francis offered a new version of an old, beloved prayer, popularly attributed to his namesake- Saint Francis of Assisi. Pope Francis concluded his message by asking that the lord, make us instruments of His peace, and then when line by line, through the Saint’s prayer to mold it to the needs of our time. For good, reliable, personal and true communication.

Our guest today was so taken by this message of Pope Francis, and his renewed Franciscan prayer, that he wrote a book about it. Bill Schmitt, is a long time journalist, and communications specialist. Who also happens to be a third order Franciscan. He is here with us to talk about journalism, noise and silence, information and formation, and his book: “When Headlines Hurt: Do We Have a Prayer?”

When Headlines Hurt: Do We Have a Prayer? –
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