We continue our conversation with Dr. Karin Öberg, professor of Astronomy at Harvard University, and head of the Oberg Astrochemistry group. A member of the Board of Directors of the Society of Catholic Scientists, Dr. Öberg has been a featured presenter at the McGrath Institute annual science and religion summer seminar, where we bring together teachers of science with teachers of theology from Catholic High Schools across the country.

In the same spirit as that seminar, we are running a short series on Church Life Today to reexamine the perceived conflict between science and religion.

In our last episode, Dr. Öberg shared with us some of the fruits of her research, especially in relationship to exoplanets and the chemical composition and physical requirements of what we would deem, habitable planets. She makes complex ideas accessible to non-experts.

In this episode we focus a bit more on her journey as a person of faith, one who is a practicing Catholic, not in spite of, or removed from her work as one of the world’s leading scientist, but indeed as ultimately integrated with her professional life.

Part 1 with Dr. Öberg – User-178289668 – 2018-august-4
The Oberg Astronomy Group: www.cfa.harvard.edu/~koberg/Home.html

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