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Creative Ways of Reaching Students

Mike Tenney, Catholic speaker, musician, worship leader, and high school theology teacher talks about what it's been like trying to switch to teaching completely through distance learning during the coronavirus pandemic and how he's learning new ways to serve his students.

Creative Ways of Reaching Students2020-05-05T07:46:44-05:00

Seeing Opportunities for Self-Gift

Cindy Black returns for a conversation about how Theology of the Body fits into our lives and how we can try to see the opportunities for being self-gift in our everyday lives.

Seeing Opportunities for Self-Gift2020-04-30T12:57:26-05:00

Evangelization Going Viral

Fr. Jose Arroyo, parochial vicar at St. John the Evangelist parish in Goshen, talks about how he's reaching out on social media and finding a big audience for his faith and humor.

Evangelization Going Viral2020-04-30T12:51:58-05:00

Making the Most of Extra Time with Family

Time-management expert and father of seven, with a son in Heaven, Pat Kilner talks about how his family is making the most of their time together during the coronavirus lockdowns with activities and prayer.

Making the Most of Extra Time with Family2020-04-29T10:30:16-05:00

Uplift Your Priests

Rhonda Gruenewald, founder of Vocation Ministry, shares ideas for how we can support priests who are working so hard for us with the "Uplift Your Priest" campaign.

Uplift Your Priests2020-04-28T16:18:19-05:00