Hear about St. Jeanne Jungan, Pope Francis’ angelus address from Sunday, and the flip side of “sunny spirituality”

In¬†Bishop Barron’s Sermon¬†(airing 7:06-7:23am ET), he most important thing in our lives is to be in harmony with God, and so we follow his divine law. We must, with prudence and wisdom, distinguish between the commandments of God that structure us, and fussy human traditions that distract from our relationship with him.

In Your Catholic Life (airing 7:28-7:38am ET), Dr. Peter Kreeft, one of the most respected authors of our time, on the Eucharist.

In the readings for today (airing 7:42-7:47am ET), hear from 1 Thessalonians, Psalm 96, Luke 4.

In¬†Saint Dymphna’s Playbook¬†(airing 7:53-8:15am ET), Tommy talks about the importance of focusing on your relationship as a married couple and how to address suicide with young children, shares a little bit about Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and answers listener questions about recovering from childhood abuse, navigating relationships with difficult family members, and supporting a loved one experiencing early cognitive difficulties.

In Catholic Art History (airing 8:18-8:38am ET), Charles and Amanda Shepherd from Fort Wayne Museum of Art talk about Moses in the Burning Bush by Nicolas Froment.

In¬†Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World¬†(airing 8:45-10:18am ET), Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli explore who Paul Amadeus Dienach was, what he claimed to see, and whether this man really did travel to the future.

In Being Human (airing 10:21-10:55am ET), Dr. Greg Bottaro goes through a practical exercise to hear and heal different parts of ourselves with Dr. Peter Malinoski.

In Follow to Lead (airing 11:00-11:50am ET), Dr. Clare Kilbane, Professor of the Practice at the University of Notre Dame affiliated with the McGrath Institute for Church Life at Notre Dame talks about her work in Catholic education.

In Church Life Today (airing 11:54-12:30pm ET), Tolkien’s creative imagination is discussed with Holly Ordway.

In The Sandwich Generation (airing 12:33-1:00pm ET), Tony Minopoli of the Knights of Columbus discusses managing risks in family and financial life.