Hear about Bl. Marie-Elisabeth Turgeon and St. Joan of the Cross, news from Afghanistan and Haiti, and a prayer from Pope Francis for peace and for victims of war.

In Renovo (airing 7:06-7:30am ET), Doug Tooke takes a look at psychotherapy and Confession.

In¬†Catholic Cafe¬†(airing 7:35-8:03am ET), Leah Jacobson, Founder and CEO of the¬† Guiding Star Project and author of “Wholistic Feminism,” joins us in the final episode of a special 6 episode series on Feminism. In this episode, we discuss the essence of creating and sustaining a genuine pro-life culture.

In the readings for today (8:08-8:14am ET), hear from Judges 6, Psalm 85, and Matthew 19.

In Ave Spotlight (airing 8:20-8:46am ET), Chenele Shaw and Rachel Wong talk about diversity of femininity in the Church.

In Short Catholic from The Kyle Heimann Show (airing 8:50-8:52am ET), Jimmy Mitchell talks about freedom including a quote from one of the greats!

In The Messy Family Podcast (airing 8:59-9:50am ET), Mike and Alicia Hernon talk about overcoming fear in marriage.

In¬†Popecast¬†(airing 9:53-10:23am ET), special guest Eduard Habsburg, the Hungarian Ambassador to the Vatican and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, sharing the incredible story of Pope St. Gregory the Great, the “Pope Who Founded Western Civilization”

In The Daughters Project (airing 10:29-11:08am ET), Sr. Aletheia, Sr. Benedicta, Sr. Danielle, and Sr. Bethany have a conversation (and a laugh!) about viewing habits as sisters and their specific takes on The Chosen and Ted Lasso.

In¬†The Word on Fire Show¬†(airing 11:10-12:17pm ET), Robert George and Bishop Barron discuss virtue, focusing on topics such as Natural law, the ‚Äúwoke‚ÄĚ phenomena, how we can engrain virtue in our society today, and more.

In Morning Jolt (airing 12:20-1:00pm ET), Sister Ignatia sits down with a FOCUS missionary friend, Lizz, to discuss her story of how she became a FOCUS missionary.