Hear about St. Blane and St. Lawrence the Deacon, plus news to pray for – a suspicious letter addressed to Pope Francis and a priest killed in France, and the second half of 90 ways to pray.

In Renovo (airing 7:06-7:33am ET), hear about a recent joint declaration and what it means about the reunification of Lutherans and Catholics.

In Catholic Cafe (airing 7:40-8:07am ET), Leah Jacobson, founder and CEO of the Guiding Star Project and author of “Wholistic Feminism,” joins for part 4 of a special 6 episode series on feminism. In this episode, they discuss the serious condition of the healthcare industry as it relates to women.

In the readings for today (airing 8:12-8:15am ET), hear from 2 Corinthians, Psalm 112, and John 12.

In Popecast (airing 8:15-8:30am ET), hear about the pope who didn’t back down. Pope St. Sixtus II.

In Ave Spotlight (airing 8:35-9:00am ET), Christie Peters, cocreator of Every Sacred Sunday, a popular weekly Mass journal chats about using her creative talent to share her love of the Mass and the Gospel with others.

In Catholic Art History (airing 9:02-9:26am ET), Charles and Amanda Shepard discuss the “Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to Artists.” How can this inspire artists, and help non-artists appreciate art?

In Pints with Jack (airing 9:32-10:30am ET), Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosi talks about his book “When the Church Was Young.”

In Paul George Show (airing 10:32-11:27am ET), Paul talk about the rhythm of life, Bayou Jesus, and action prayer team.

In The Daughters Project (airing 11:32-12:01pm ET), the sisters talk about trusting God.

In The Word on Fire Show (airing 12:04-12:38am ET), Bishop Barron talks about a recent article by Tim Keller, the popular Protestant pastor, titled “The Fading of Forgiveness: Tracing the Disappearance of the Thing We Need Most”. Why are people increasingly skeptical about forgiveness? Keller proposes two reasons: a therapeutic culture, and religion without grace.

In Morning Jolt (airing 12:41-1:00pm ET), Sister Ignatia sits down with a surprise guest, Joy, to discuss their friendship and work with FOCUS missions.