Saint Mother Teresa Legacy Society

"What you do, I cannot do. What I do, you cannot do. Together, let's do something beautiful for God." - Saint Mother Teresa

Through your generosity of a planned gift to Redeemer Radio, you will be impacting the spiritual lives of countless souls. As Christ reminds us, those that give in His name for His Father's Glory will receive a hundredfold in Heaven. As a small act of gratitude for your generosity, Redeemer Radio would like to honor all the generous donors of planned gifts in our Saint Mother Teresa Legacy Society.

A Legacy of Faith

Saint Mother Teresa left a legacy of giving tirelessly to others. Her mission was to ensure that every person she encountered knew that they are deeply loved by God.

Redeemer Radio strives to share the same missionary zeal as our beloved Saint Mother Teresa. When you include Redeemer Radio in your planned giving, you too are helping to spread the faith throughout the world.

Plan Today, Give Forever

A Planned Gift to Redeemer Radio will:

  • Help provide for your family's ongoing spiritual needs
  • Give the Faith to future generations
  • Ensure that your assets will support a the mission of local Catholic Radio
  • Help us bring hope to souls while transforming the culture
  • Support other important causes and charities, as promoted on Redeemer Radio

Benefits of Joining

When we enroll you in our lifetime Saint Mother Teresa Legacy Society, you will receive these spiritual benefits:

  • Name on a Remembrance plaque at Redeemer Radio
  • A remembrance in the monthly Mass celebrated at the St. Gabriel Chapel at Redeemer Radio
  • A special Mass offered perpetually on or near September 5th, the Feast of Saint Mother Teresa
  • A remembrance in the daily staff prayer prayed before the Blessed Sacrament at the Saint Gabriel Chapel
  • After passing into Eternal Life, a Mass will be offered for the repose of your soul and you will be remembered in our Redeemer Radio Masses every November, the month of Holy Souls

If you have already named Redeemer Radio as a recipient of a planned gift but have not informed us, please let us know. We are so grateful and would like to recognize your generosity!

If you are interested in including Redeemer Radio in your Planned Giving, we'd love to hear from you! Please call Becky Reidy at 260-436-9598

Important: There are several planned gift options. Since each of these options is a personal matter, we highly recommend you seek the guidance of a professional financial planner/advisor, attorney, or accountant to determine the arrangements that best serve your financial needs and philanthropic goals. When designating Redeemer Radio for any of these options, you should refer to our legal business information as it appears below.


Fort Wayne Catholic Radio Group D.B.A. Redeemer Radio
Federal Tax ID: 22-3864296
Legal Name: Fort Wayne Catholic Radio Group Inc. D.B.A. Redeemer Radio
Legal Address: 4618 E. State Blvd., Ste 200, Fort Wayne, IN 46815
Toll Free Number: (888) 436-1450

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Saint Mother Teresa Legacy Society

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