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Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie  Midnight EWTN Live Scripture & Tradition
Mother Angelica Live Classics The Journey Home (Encore)
Mornings with Mother 2:00 Sunday Night Prime (Encore) Mornings with Mother
Catholic Answers Live (encore) 3:00 Celtic Connections The Great Adventure
4:00 Life on the Rock (Encore) The World Over (Encore)
Chaplet of Divine Mercy 5:00 Vatican Insider The Catholic Cafe
Fire on the Earth
The Most Holy Rosary 5:30 The Most Holy Rosary
Life is Worth Living:
Archbishop Fulton Sheen
6:00 Scripture & Tradition Vatican Insider
The Wisdom of
Fr. Benedict Groeschel
6:30 Divine Intimacy Radio
The Kyle Heimann Show
Kyle Heimann & Andrea Serrani
7:00 The Best of Morning Glory Celtic Connection
Morning Glory
Brian Patrick
8:00 The Daily Mass -Live Sunday Mass – Live
Catholic Connection
Theresa Tomeo
9:00 The World Over Stories from the Heart
9:30 EWTN Bookmark
More 2 Life
Dr. Greg & Lisa Popcak
The Best of Faithworks
Fathers Know Best 11:00 Truth in Charity
with Bishop Rhoades
Christ is the Answer (Encore)
Fr. Riccardo
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie

Jerry Usher & Debbie Georginni
Truth in Charity
with Bishop Rhoades
Noon The Journey Home Best of Al Kresta
The Doctor is In
Dr. Ray Guarendi
Doctor, Doctor
1:00 p.m.
Doctor, Doctor
Dr. Tom McGovern
Dr. Chris Stroud
Dr. Andrew Mullally
Catholic Answers Live (Encore)
Called to Communion
Dr. David Anders
2:00 Catholic Answers Live
The Best of Called to Communion
The Divine Mercy Chaplet 2:56
EWTN Open Line 3:00
Kresta in the Afternoon
Al Kresta
4:00 The Catholic Cafe 4:22 The Divine Mercy Chaplet
4:30 EWTN Bookmark Register Radio
5:00 Vocation Boom Radio Live
Jerry Usher
I Choose Life
(Allen County Right to Life)
5:30 Fr. Robert Spitzer
Catholic Answers Live
Patrick Coffin

The Best of Faithworks

7:00 Register Radio Catholic Answers Live
7:30 Light of the East
The Journey Home
(LIVE on Monday)
Marcus Grodi
8:00 Encounter Sunday Night Prime
EWTN Pro-Life Weekly
EWTN News Nightly 9:00  Father Larry Richards
The Rosary is a Place
Fr. Benedict Groeschel & Simonetta
Fathers Know Best 10:00 The World Over EWTN Live
EWTN News Nightly 11:00 Call Me Catholic The Most Holy Rosary
Daily Mass 11:30 Family Theater Calssic Radio

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